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Since our last newsletter things have moved a little slow for the museum, especially toward finishing our addition to the Lawndale Museum, so we hope 2023 will get us closer to finishing and using this added space.

Updates: 1. Our Family of the Year, 2023, will be the Larry Morrison Family. 2. In December, we lost our last charter member of the Lawndale Historical Society, Betty Hord, who passed Dec. 14, 2022. 3. In the summer of 2022 we received a grant from the State, thanks to Ted Alexander and Tim Moore for their interest and ongoing work to save NC History in big and small areas of the State. This grant is being applied directly to our building fund.

Before COVID the museum was able to add a shell extension to our building to provide added display space and space for our programs and meetings. With the shell taking most of our funds, we need your help. Your dues go into our on-going operation of the museums with any extra going to help with the new addition. So we hope you can dig a little deeper when you pay your dues with the extra going directly to the building fund.
Current Needs: wiring boxes, wiring and all necessary supplies for having our building wired including electricians to wire it. Sheetrock, paneling or wall covering, ceiling tiles/material, etc. Once the building is ready, we will add display cabinetry, shelving, etc. to display our items the history of Lawndale. Help us with the inside construction and display needs for the LHS museum., 119 Piedmont Drive, Lawndale, and come to visit us as your visits and the use of the museum better enable us to get grants.

You can also remember us as you make memorials or have memorials left to the museum. Donations of real estate can also be given or left to the museum. We are currently trying to close on the sale of a 502(c)3 donation of property. ALL donations are deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
OPEN: Lawndale: June-Oct., Sun. afternoons, 2-4pm and Metcalfe, 1st & 3rd Sundays, 2-4pm. Other times (all year) both places by appointment. Contact: